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Logging conversations is one of the most tedious operations that call center employees need to face all the time. It’s error prone, time-consuming and has to happen as fast as possible.

With AI, this 'logging' process can be automated, improving outcomes in terms of time, quality and productivity.



The Problem

Anyone working in a call center for a living knows how tedious it is to log every phone conversation. They are all acquainted with this repetitive process that usually results in an abundance of errors.



How AI Can Help

With AI, it's possible to automate tasks that are redundant to solve by hand. This automation is different from traditional programming where, 'in theory', all programs can be executed by hand. Instead, AI learns how to solve a task by itself after multiple series of trial end error.

Same story when it comes to summarizing phone conversations. We teach the AI algorithm what constitutes good and bad when summarizing, and the AI will eventually learn the to produce amazing results.



The Result

The result is a prototype that can transform any audio into an accurate summary. The most important words are highlighted to ensure a dramatically enhanced readability.